The Meridian Township Farmer’s Market is where you can purchase the freshest possible produce, ask the farmers directly about production methods and the varieties produced, and try new things not commercially available in hopes of promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Our focus is on local farmers who directly market their own agricultural products. We have limited the number of artisans, bakeries, and vendors who have “carried” (either shipped in or from another local farmer) products. In this way we hope to enhance and preserve our own local rural economy. As vendors we are dependent on each other to ensure your visit to the market is fruitful. As farmers we make individual choices about what to raise, how to raise it and how to present it.

We welcome questions and comments. That is one of the best ways for you to value your experience at the market. The Meridian Township Farmers’ Market in Okemos is a significant community gathering place for all of us. See you at the market!


Saturdays 8am – 2pm

Wednesdays 8am – 2pm

Special Thanksgiving Market – the day before Thanksgiving
10am – 2pm

Please note: There are both early and regular season vendors, thus at the beginning of July, some vendors will change.


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